Better governance for better decisions

Alfred Slager

Professor of pension fund management

October 2023

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Pension fund governance is complicated. The long-term investment focus, the built-in agency issues, human biases and most importantly the complexity of the financial markets, all add to the complexities of governance. In this episode, we’ll discuss how pension fund governance can be designed to help boards make better decisions. To paraphrase Peter Drucker, “Are we doing the right things or are we focusing on doing things right?”.  

Are investment beliefs useful or just a red herring? How can we make better informed decisions in practice? To talk us through these questions is Alfred Slager, professor of pension fund management. He’ll share his academic findings and practical experiences as a board member and investment committee member.  

Join us for a curated conversation for the first half hour; the second half of the session will be dedicated to audience questions. 

About Alfred Slager

As a professor of Pension Fund Management at TIAS Business School in Tilburg. He has done a lot of academic work on investment beliefs, pension fund governance and board decision making. In addition, Alfred also serves as a non-executive board member of ABP, member of the investment committee for three other Dutch pension funds and a supervisory Board member at pension fund PGB. 

On 3 October, his latest book co-authored with Martijn Vos is released “Decision Making for Pension Boards – How to make Good Decisions to get Things Done”. 

Learn more about Alfred on the TIAS website, or connect with him on LinkedIn. 

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