How to make pensions more engaging for members

Lisa Brϋggen

Director, Netspar

April 2024

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Portrait of Lisa Brϋggen.

For most people, talking with their pension provider is as exciting as preparing their tax return. But, we know that regular engagement can lead to better member outcomes at retirement. Can we make pensions more interesting or attractive for people to engage with, or is that just a pipe dream? What is technology’s role in facilitating pension communication? Will artificial intelligence change the game?

To help us explore these questions is our special guest, Professor Lisa Brϋggen from Maastricht University and Director of Netspar. Lisa has conducted a breadth of applied research in the pension communication field, both in the Netherlands and abroad. She shares her expertise and offers practical tips for improving member engagement no matter the size of the scheme or the membership base.

About Lisa Brϋggen

Professor Lisa Brϋggen is professor at Maastricht University and director of Netspar, the well-known Dutch research institute focusing on pensions, ageing and retirement.

Lisa’s main research is around the financial behaviour of individuals and communication. As director of Netspar, she is also part of setting the research agenda.

To learn more about Lisa Brüggen and her research, please visit the Maastricht University website and read about her appointment at Netspar.

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