What is longevity pooling and how does it work?

Richard Fullmer

CEO of Nuovalo Ltd

February 2022

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About this webinar

In this webinar, we look at how longevity pooling works. Through this approach, longevity risk is pooled between pension scheme participants, similar to what happens with a life annuity. The funds of those who have recently died are redistributed and paid regularly to all surviving participants.

What does good look like? What should we not do? How can we make longevity pooling readily available, for example in Master Trusts?

About Richard Fullmer

Richard Fullmer has a background in both defined benefit (DB) and defined contribution (DC) in large financial institutions. He is an expert in modern tontines and longevity pooling, with a special focus on adding longevity pooling to existing DC solutions without offering guarantees. Richard founded Nuova Longevità Research (an independent pensions research firm) and co-founded Nuovalo Ltd (a pensiontech firm specialising in sustainable longevity risk sharing solutions). Richard wrote the CFA Institute paper on tontines.

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