Improving pensions: start with the problem, not the solution

Stefan Lundbergh

Head of DC Design at NOW: Pensions

June 2024

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Portrait Stefan Lundbergh

In 27 episodes of Pioneering Pensions, Stefan has interviewed a broad range of pension experts. This time we turned the tables and put Stefan in the guest chair with Gareth Gibbins, Vice President, Pension Policy, Learning & Research, OMERS, asking the questions.

Stefan shared his observations on pensions across the world. Do traditional models and theories lead us astray? What are the main challenges today? Where will we see innovation in pensions going forward?

About Stefan Lundbergh

Stefan Lundbergh (PhD) is a practitioner who has been working across pensions and investments for more than 25 years. He has gained deep practical experience in Sweden, the Netherlands and the UK.

His experience spans the industry from quant to behavioural and applies both disciplines to real world problems. This includes pension fund governance, organisational design, innovation and product development.

Stefan is a frequent keynote speaker, offering a fresh take on pensions and investments. In 2017, he led the pilot study on the future of the premium pension in Sweden, which eventually resulted in the installment of the Fondtorgsnämnden in 2022.

Learn more about Stefan and read his blogs on LinkedIn.

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