Implementing innovation

Derek Dobson

Pension scheme innovator

July 2023

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Innovation happens when bold ideas are turned into practical solutions. How do we step out of our comfort zone and implement change? In this episode, we examine a real-life case study of how a defined benefit (DB) scheme transformed its core product to offer fixed contributions for employers and flexibility for its members. As a result, new employers joined the scheme, and introduced defined contribution-style savings with DB value and decumulation products. 

To talk to us about this case study is Derek Dobson, CEO and Plan Manager of Canada’s CAAT Pension Plan. We discuss the design and the process of taking an organisation and its trustees on the transformation journey. What were the main challenges? How does a not-for-profit organisation differ from a commercial organisation when it comes to driving change?  

About Derek Dobson

Derek is a seasoned pension leader with over three decades of extensive industry expertise. Currently, as the CEO and Plan Manager of one of the most sustainable pension plans in Canada, he holds a prominent position as a member of the Pension Policy Council at the C.D Howe Institute. Additionally, he serves as Co-Chair of the Canadian Public Pension Leadership Council (CPPLC), Derek holds a degree in mathematics from the University of Waterloo. 

Derek received the 2019 ACPM Industry Award in recognition of his leadership and creativity in addressing the challenges facing the Canadian retirement income system. Derek continues to advocate for innovative solutions to expand access to sustainable and efficient pension plans for all sectors. 

To learn more about Derek, see his LinkedIn profile and visit the CAAT Pension Plan website

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