How can investors adapt to climate change?

Keith Ambachtsheer

Thought leader in pension design, governance and investing

January 2022

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About this webinar

In this webinar, we discuss the organisational challenges that long-term investors, such as pension companies, face in the wake of climate change and energy transition.

For example:

  • How should climate change adaption be integrated into an organisation’s purpose and strategy?
  • How should the investment function be organised to take advantage of the long investment horizon?
  • In terms of strategy implementation, what should be insourced and what should be outsourced?
  • What is the best way to communicate climate change adaption with an organisation’s stakeholders?

About Keith Ambachtsheer

Keith Ambachtsheer is an original thinker on pension design, governance and investing issues. What makes Keith unique is that he bridges the gap between academic research and practice. Keith has advised many of the largest pension delivery organisations, written four books on pensions design and governance, co-founded CEM Benchmarking and created the International Centre for Pension Management, ICPM.

To learn more about Keith, visit his website.

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