Managing your income after retirement

Don Ezra

Finance commentator, Financial Times

November 2021

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About this webinar

We discuss how to manage pension savings after full-time work (formerly known as retirement). Has the industry made pensions too complicated for ordinary people? What could an understandable and intuitive self-managed pension drawdown look like? What are the promising new drawdown solutions out there, and are they a viable alternative to Collective Defined Contribution (CDC) pension schemes for the UK?

About Don Ezra

Don is a well-known expert in pensions and investing. He has written several books and is a personal finance commentator at the Financial Times. He regularly writes blogs on how to navigate life after full-time work, both from a financial and a psychological perspective. Before graduating from full-time work, Don was, among other things, co-chairman of global consulting for Russell Investments worldwide.

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