The power of demographics

Amlan Roy

Research associate, London School of Economics

January 2023

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In this episode of Pioneering Pensions, we’ll be speaking with Amlan Roy on one of the most important, yet often overlooked, factors that affect us all – demographics. We’ll discuss the impact of demographic trends on social security, economic growth and asset prices. In other words, we’ll explore how demographics will shape our future. As always, things are not as simple and straight forward as they seem to be.  

In the second part of the conversation, we’ll turn it over to the audience to ask Amlan questions. 

About Amlan Roy

He is currently a Research Associate of two research centres at the London School of Economics-FMG and SRC. Amlan has been presenting on Demographics and Retirement since 2000 to public and private pension funds as well as systems across all the 5 continents. His client base covers global institutional clients from SWFs, central banks, pension funds, asset managers to hedge funds and private equity managers.  

In early 2022, he published ‘Demographics Unravelled’, where he outlines the practical impact of changing demographics. Amlan has worked at State Street as head of global macro policy research and at Credit Suisse as head of global demographics and pensions research. To learn more about Amlan and his work, please visit 



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