Pioneering pension fund investment

Claude Lamoureux

Former CEO and President of Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan

February 2023

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In this episode of Pioneering Pensions, we speak with Claude Lamoureux on the most important component of any pension solution: long-term value creation in the investment portfolio.

We discuss the journey of Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan – from a sleepy buyer of debt issued by the province of Ontario, Canada, to a world leading global pension investor.

Claude and his team implemented many things that were unheard of at the time, but common today. He shares his lessons as an industry pioneer and provides recommendations for organisations that aspire to break new ground. 

About Claude Lamoureux

Claude is an actuary by training and started his career in the insurance industry. He worked for Metropolitan Life in both New York and Toronto. In 1990, he was appointed CEO of Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan lead it for 17 years until he retired. Since then Claude has been a non-executive director for various companies.

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